The Organization was a group of emotionless Nobodies who's primary objective seemed to be the elimination of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Sherlock Holmes, due to their past actions against other Nobodies. However, they also were very interested in the possession of The Chaos Emeralds, which were said to grant strange powers to those who possessed one. It is currently unknown why the Organization is after the Chaos Emeralds.

Summary Edit

First Appearance Edit

The first time the Organization was mentioned was indirectly at the end of The Fragile Turnabout, simply referred to as "All 13 of us", buy an unknown member of the organization. Their first physical appearance was near the end of The Prideful Turnabout. Two members attempted to ambush and kill Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Sherlock Holmes, which ultimately backfired for the Organization when, after a short battle, Ryu managed to convince the two assailants (Now identified as Ranmaru and Vortex Roadagain) to join their side. They then confronted Barack Obama, President of the United States. After examining his testimony, they find several errors and eventually come to the conclusion that Barack Obama murdered King Mufassa. Barack Obama than reveals that he himself is a member of the Organization. He uses the power of his Green Chaos Emerald to attempt to defeat Ryu and Holmes. However, they managed to prevail by damaging the Chaos Emerald to the point where it weakened Obama, rather than strengthening him.

Search for the Red Chaos Emerald Edit

The Organization wasn't just attempting to disturb the Pridelands, however. As Ryu and his team busted Barack Obama, 3 other organization members had already infiltrated Paris. The leader of the three, Crusader (going by the alias Chosen Undead), became close with Minister Claude Frollo after hearing rumors of a Chaos Emerald hidden within the city. Assuming it was possessed by Frollo, he murdered him by dropping one of the bells, Big Maria, on top of him and framing Quasimodo, the bell ringer. Unfortunetly, he cannot find the emerald on the body, and before he could search Quasimodo, Ryūnosuke, Sherlock, and Adachi Tohru arrive to investigate. In response, Crusader sends the two others, Dust and Gina Lestrade, against them. Unlike the previous members, these two have bombs planted in their heads to make sure they fight against Ryu, Sherlock, and Adachi. Unfortunately for Crusader, the three manage to remove the bombs and free the two would-be assassins. However, while they were investigating, Crusader managed to locate the Red Chaos Emerald on Quasimodo, and request reinforcements from the Organization. After the investigators look for him, he puts up an act of a noble soldier and servant of God, while also enjoying his morning breakfast of nails, with extra milk. However, as the trio grows more suspicious, he drops his acts and tries to explain the situation only to get repeatedly interrupted by Adachi and Sherlock. This sends Crusader into a rage where he attempts to murder the three by harnessing both the power of the red Chaos Emerald, and his natural talent for cucking. Even after the Chaos Emerald is stolen from him, he still manages to harness the power of his cucking to nearly kill the group. However, this backfires when he accadentally cucks himself, resulting in him taking heavy damage. He is finally knocked out by Ranmaru, but is spared by Ryūnosuke, Sherlock, and Adachi. He is taken away, just at the Organization's reinforcements for 1,000 Nobodies arrive. They are held off by MatPat, an ex-member, and Goro Majima, a member of the Yakuza, as the investigators and space police flee.

Traits Edit

The Organization claims to be for the rights of Nobodies, however, their main goal has been proven to acquire the Chaos Emeralds. They are ruthless, willing to commit even murder to reach their goals. The Organization also seems to encompass a large influence, as one of their members was the president of the United States, and they have an army of at least 1,000 Nobodies. They are most notable for the fact that all of their members lack emotions.

Despite the amount of influence the Organization has, many of it's members were dissatisfied working there for various reasons, ranging from pay issues to regaining emotions. This resulted in a lot of members defecting and joining the investigators

Known Members Edit

  • Ranmaru (Redeemed)
  • Vortex Roadagain (Redeemed)
  • Barack Obama (Deceased)
  • Gina Lestrade (Redeemed)
  • Dust (Redeemed)
  • Crusader (Redeemed)
  • MatPat (Ex-Member)
  • Asougi Kazuma (Redeemed)
  • Gilgamesh (Redeemed)