Summary Edit

The JoJo Chrono, also known as Turnabout of Heaven was a Chrono created by Justice. It told the story of the Joestar Family and their associates. It was edited in some parts by Mondeli, soon to be Gherkenson's Desease, but Justice did most of the work, from creating the plots, to choosing custom music. This was the third chrono hosted in the Autisim Chronology Cinematic Universe, but is so far the longest, clocking in at 9 AAIs, one for each JoJo part, and the Finale, Turnabout of Heaven. It is also the first to take place chronologically, starting in the year 1880. It was created separate from the Autism Chrono, but due to events in the Third Autism Chrono, they are now confirmed to take place in the same universe.

Main Cast Edit

  • Jonathan Joestar
  • Joseph Joestar
  • Jotaro Kujo
  • Josuke Higashikata
  • Hershel Layton
  • Gina Lestrade
  • Athena Joestar
  • Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

The Phantom Turnabout Edit

The first instance of this was the first attempt to host the first Case in the series, "Phantom Turnabout", where it competed against several cases to build, the prime culprit being a didney case that had been building for hours, yet never launched. Members of the JoJo team pleaded with the other case to just die, but they declined, believing that they could eventually launch. After a few hours, the JoJo case died. The Didney case eventually got people, but it was a colossal failure. After a couple of days, Justice hosted the case again, once again competing for people against several other cases that were building. This time, on the other hand, the building was successful, and the case begun. It was considered by many to be a good case and a solid foundation for the rest of the chrono.

The JoJo Curse Edit

There were several conflicts that plagued the chrono such as poor timing, and several hiatus that lasted a couple of weeks, the biggest difficulty was "The JoJo Curse", a superstition based around the fact that the forces of the world didn't want the chrono to finish.