All Seven Chaos Emeralds

The Chaos Emeralds are powerful artifacts from The Sonic World. They allow one to posses unnatural abilities, ranging from stopping time, teleportation, and highly increased speed. It was said that if one gained all seven chaos emeralds, they would transform into a super form.

Summary Edit

The Chaos Emeralds are largely surrounded by mystery, even to experienced warriors such as DIO. Since the Chaos Emeralds are originally from the Sonic World, forbidden from almost everyone, it makes the study of chaos emeralds incredibly difficult, unless one were to appear outside of the Sonic World.

The Chaos Emeralds Edit

Green - The Green Chaos Emerald was used by Barack Obama, and had the power to gift one with extreme speed. It was taken by DIO after Obama was defeated by Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, Sherlock Holmes, and Adachi Tohru.

Blue - ???

Red - The Red Chaos Emerald was hidden within the Big Marie bell in Notre Dame. It was revealed when the bell crashed to the ground during a murder, and was recovered by Crusader. It had the ability to cuck anyone out of an action, but could only be used in intervals. It was recovered by DIO shortly after Crusader's defeat.

Purple - The Purple Chaos Emerald was a gift given to Gilgamesh by the Master himself. It allows it's user to launch a large flurry of swords at a target at high speeds, seemingly appearing from nowhere. Gilgamesh used this power to attempt to kill the soon-to-be keyblade masters, but was defeated, and the emeralds was taken by DIO.

Yellow - The Yellow Chaos Emerald was stolen from Syndrome by Gilgamesh. It had the power to mind control up to 2 people, only ever breaking free if the targets of the mind control were either released or beaten significantly down. Gilgamesh utilized this power to cause Goro Majima and Frozone to fight the group, but both were defeated. DIO managed to grab the Chaos Emerald before he after throwing the Chaos Emerald at a nearby lava pit.

Cyan - ???

Silver - The Silver Chaos Emerald was used by Kazuma Asōgi, and allowed the user to create any possible object one could thing of, but only had limited uses. It remained in the possession of Kazuma for the majority of his appearance, and was used to create a maximum healing potion before confronting Gilgamesh. The Silver Chaos Emerald was taken by DIO after the defeat of Gilgamesh