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The Autism Chrono, also known as The Beyblade Chrono, Beyblade Chronicles or Pokemon and Beyblades was a chronology created after the never-starting Ultimate Autism case. It is also the first chrono created in the series. The cases are based on Susato's adventure around Japanifornia during the year 2012. She is going around to solve crime and eventually, get Hazama his rightful place in jail.

Main Cast Edit

  • Susato Mikotoba
  • Moyles Edwort
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Iris Watson
  • Geggory Edwort
  • [Jimmy]
  • Jimmy
  • Jimmers

MJ-4: Turnabout Legality Edit

The timeline starts with the arrest of Yuujin Mikotoba getting arrested for killing the Pokemon and Beyblade champion, Tyson. Geg Edwort and his friend, Kazuma Asougi, take up his case after a call from him. They enter a train where they meet the detective, Cabanela with his trainee, Sherlock Holmes. Moments later they're at the crime scene where they do some investigating. On their way back to the train, they run into Matt Engarde, an actor and a professional when it comes to beyblading. Matt tells the investigators what he witnessed and then they both parted ways.

After they arrived home they prepared for the trial tomorrow, they met up in the lobby with the defendant as some Edgelord called Hazama Honoka came in, they ask what he was eating and then he replied with "Devil Eggs". They then got called into the trial.

The trial began and the defense notices the yelling prosecutor, Brok "Van" Edwort, the uncle of the young Moyles Edwort. They also come across a whale in a tv. After the opening statement, the Prosecutors introduce Rayfa Padma Khu'rain, a girl who is about to do the Water Mirror gimmick. After a while they cross examine Matt Engarde, then Hazama Honoka. Hazama gets his Testimony cross examined after the Defense yells out about his contradiction. He then gives another testimony, then another dumb gimmick he just invented. After a while, Hazama got sick of losing and then just tried to kill everyone, but luckily Sherlock Holmes used his sick, Joint-reasoning powers to block it.

The Trial ends with a not guilty, everyone leaves and then it ends with Geg giving out an epilogue with Yuujin Mikotoba calling.

MJ-1: The Bitten Turnabout Edit

The first actual run case of the first Autism Chrono, and the Autism Chronology Cinematic Universe in general. The initial idea for the case was a case where all gimmicks would not only be allowed, but encouraged.

Building Phase Edit

During early building attempts, Hydrafag piped in about not having anything worthwhile to add. Kazu told him to give the most cancerous idea he could think of, so he simply made evidence relating to an old japanese PS1 game he was playing at the time. Several attempts later, the hamfisted attempt at trying to explain the game was adapted to two things that other players would actually understand: Pokemon on Beyblades. The case was then adapted to become a sequel case to an old meme case known only as "Shark case", featuring similar characters and evidence while also keeping the existing pokemon and beyblades. During building, the gimmick requirement rules were refined until it became an imperative to use every gimmick AND every custom song (at that time, limited to 20 entries) provided as a download. Under these conditions, the case finally found an audience.

The Case Proper Edit

Susato opens off with taking a case at the local aquarium to defend a shark from murder. However, the case is extra spicy, as not only is it a case with the Bench Culpability Act, but it's the last day in which the Dangerous Animal Act is in effect, and should they fail to get anything other than total acquittal, it would mean execution. Hell-case AAI shenanigans ensure, including Holmes falling into the pool the murder happened in multiple times. The entire investigation team does at one point, trying to keep him from falling in again. Moyles is accompanied by both his father Geggory and Pearl Fey, but due to a sudden disappearance and salt respectively, they do not show up later. The team talk to Detective Maggey, then the first witness Detective Adachi, who found the body, and the defendant. Hazama makes an appearance and gives Susato the Green Ruby.

During the actual case, the team goes through both witnesses. Adachi passes out after a time contradiction is solved by showing the witness can't actually tell time, and thought the early morning was actually dinner time. Prosecutor Justice joins as co-pro, and Hazama appears, and a contradiction arises about unaccounted for beyblades in testimony. The prosecution suggests that perhaps it was eaten by the shark. The defense call them on this by agreeing to have their client get a court ordered stomach pumping, and it clears up the contradiction. However Holmes manages to sneakily secure a suspicious piece of black cloth from the contents. Justice is called to use his tech to analyze Hazama's coat for damage, and it confirms the defense's suspicions that it was damage from the shark. Hazama responds by pretending to burn his coat. Moyles uses this opportunity to truthfag, in order to bait the defense into executing their own client by proving they injured Hazama. Justice is forced to seduce Judge Ibuki in order to prevent their execution. Hazama shuts down the idea the shark hurt him at the last second. Before he can be arrested, Hazama puts his coat back on and flees the courtroom, chased by Detective Maggey and the first witness, Detective Adachi.

At the end of the case, an Edwort (presumably Moyles) is on the phone with a "Chief Prosecutor". This turns out to be the first attempt at trying to build up the "Whale Meme" through post-case phone calls, which would continue throughout the chrono but eventually end up as absolutely nothing.

MJ-2: Turnabout Cepillado Edit

MJ-3: Fish Money and Turnabouts Edit

This case was written entirely by Hydrafag, featuring bad youtube rips as custom music and a theft case with 3 stolen items that just makes everyone grumpy, tired, and confused at the end. Not much of note happens here anyways and trying to remember gives me a mild headache.

To summarize the actual case, an autistic mascot-costume-wearing man who just so happens to live at the same aquarium from MJ-1 is accused of a smash and grab. The victim being a dolphin singer who was bullied during the incident.

MJ-5: A Hideo Kojima Turnabout Edit

MJ-6: The Hazamapocalypse Edit

The "DLC Case" for the Autism Chrono, set after the ending in the previous case.

Susato wakes up in a hospital wearing the clothes of Ryuutaro. Sherlock Holmes notices Susato and goes to talk with her, but Susato notices that Sherlock is wearing different clothes that belong to that of Hazama Honoka, Sherlock explains to Susato that everyone has been turned into Hazama by Hazama who is now apparently a god. At first, Susato believes that Hazama is pretending to be Holmes, but to disprove it, he shows that he is Holmes with the power of Joint-Reasonings. They go to a random house but get kicked out. They then go to a train on the way back, they happen to meet up with the detective, who happens to be Kazuma, or atleast what remains of him. He explains about that there happens to be a murder on the same train they happen to be in, at the same time, Moyles comes in as an autist who is speaking backwards and is always facing the wrong way, they all have a nice chat until they decide to leave.

Susato then encounters a green alien man who messes with her and then asks her to sign a contract with him, Susato does so and then, "The Contract has been sealed". Susato then goes to interview some guy called Geg, Geg states his story we all move on and then the alien man pops up from before.

After that, Susato wakes up with Holmes as a loud noise from the neighbors as they just gone inside. They then decide to go to the detention center to meet up with the defendant Pearls who happened to end up being a great swimmer. She then tells Susato a story about Hazama being a god and all. They move on and now we move onto the trial phase.

edworT appears giving off his opening statement in reverse, the detective then appears who continues to talk about his voring fetish. The defense then decides its their turn to call up their witness and they call up Geg, Moyles then decides that he has to direct examine the witness. Kazuma then pops up again, but this time he's different as he gives off a cool wacky testimony, after Susato busts him, he offers her his blade to pull out, she then decides to unseathe his blade and then Hazama himself pops out of it, Hazama does stuff testifies then does a pokemon battle thing and then Susato wins the battle, everyone is back to normal. The End.