"Well maybe if you did something good I'd finally be proud of you." - Phoenix Wright, to his son.
Phoenix Naruhodō is a former attorney and aging Keyblade Warrior. He is married to Maya and is the father of Ryunouske, along with an unnamed daughter. Although he consistently insults his son for being a cuck and a fool, deep down Phoenix cares about his well being. He is a minor character in case 5 of the Keyblades and Conspiracies chrono. 

Pre-Heartbreaking TurnaboutEdit

He was very famous for his work as an Attorney, especially known for his constant and consistent asspulls that often resulted in a "Not Guilty" miraculously. It is assumed that he met Maya during his career and they worked as partners. This didn't last long, due to a shortage of Keyblade Warriors. This shortage prompted Phoenix and Maya to join up, and Phoenix quickly became very powerful. His power grew to an enormous level, second only to the Master of Masters. He was even quoted as to saying that he sparred with God. Eventually, he began to get old and his skills with the blade declined. Though he wasn't nearly as powerful as he was before, he still often saved universes and even claims to save 17 every three days. It is assumed that he had his children during these later years. As Ryu was growing up, Phoenix thought of Ryu as just a normal child, and was even impressed by Ryu's girlfriend during high school. Unfortunately, his relationship with his son began to slip after Ryu dumped his girlfriend because she dressed as a bunny sometimes, a reason that Phoenix thought was rather petty and minute.

The Heartbreaking TurnaboutEdit

Phoenix was first introduced to the gang of the 3rd Autism Chrono when they went to "Ryu's" house. At first, Ryu didn't recognize his own father, since it had been a few years since they last spoke. This made Phoenix a little heartbroken, though he quickly got over it. Suddenly, a brick came in through a window, but before it could hit Phoenix, he sliced it away with a Keyblade. The group chatted with him for a little and learned about him and his wife. Eventually, Phoenix himself introduced his wife to the group, and Holmes promptly said that no one cared what she thought. Phoenix replied that the next time Holmes did that, Phoenix would kill him. He told the group about his past, and also told them about Ryu's dating experiences, which led the group to believe that Ryu was a furry, which in fact, he was. They also tried to flirt with him, but failed, due to his natural physique (and also he was married). He got a text, and left the room for a while, giving the group the chance to find the plot. Eventually, he came back and wished them well on their Journey. As they left, Phoenix asked the group to make Ryu less of a cuck, a promise that was eventually forfilled when Ryu got married.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Phoenix seemingly has a very dominating personality, often taking control of conversations entirely or at least being the center of them. His son is often the brunt of this, due to the barrage of insults flying his way. If anyone angers Phoenix, he is not afraid to send a death threat. Though he is sometimes brutal, he is very charasmatic, which lead to his quick popularity among the group. Though he often insults his son, he cares deep down. He feels that insults will help push his son to improve himself and perhaps they may help him become as famous as Phoenix was one day, though it just as likely has the oppisite effect. He also feels that he knows what's best for his son.


Ryūnosuke NaruhodōEdit

He claimed that he was a fairly normal father figure to Ryu as he was growing up. Nothing seemed faulty in the
Ryūnosuke portrait

Ryūnosuke, Phoenix's Son

relationship until Ryu broke up with his girlfriend, whom Phoenix considered to be 10/10. They fell apart after this. Their relationship got so bad that Ryu forgot his own father's face after years of no contact. It got slightly better at the beginning of the Heartbreaking Turnabout, where they finally talked for a while, and Phoenix expressed consern with his son constantly being bullied. He even wanted for his son to improve from being just a cuck.

Sherlock HolmesEdit

Sherlock portrait

Sherlock Holmes

​​​​​​​Although they knew each other for a short time, they grew to like each other. Phoenix enjoyed Holme's positive influnce on his son, and Holmes enjoyed the Keyblade skills and constant insults towards Ryu. Eventually, Phoenix asked a favor of Holmes. Holmes lived up to his end of the deal, though unintentionally.

Maya Naruhodō Edit

It is assumed that they met while Phoenix still worked as an attorney. They went into Keyblade training together, as well. They eventually became stellar knights, but Phoenix was far more powerful. As they started to get older, they had some kids. They still work as knights in their downtime. Needless to say, their relationship is pretty solid. They love each other so much that whenever anyone insults his wife, Phoenix threatens to slaughter the offender.