Moyles Edwort is a key figure in the the first and second Autism Chronos. He's a notable figure in the justice system as the Autistic Prosecutor. Despite displaying occasional sharp insights and his eccentric behavior, his most notable trait is the fact he goes on and on about shit nobody else in the case is interested in.

Early Life Edit

Moyles was born at an unknown time to Geggory Edwort and an unknown mother. His brother, Shelluck Edwort, took a liking to living in the walls and was hardly seen, to the point that Geg forgot he even had a second son. Geg did his best to bring his son into the lawyering business, but his attempts were soiled when Moyles took an interest in his uncle, the prosecutor Brock von Edwort, instead.

The First Autism Chrono Edit

MJ-4: Flashback case Edit

Moyle's first involvement in the Autism chrono was during MJ-4, in which his father and uncle faced off in court. He followed his uncle around during the investigation, finding a key piece of evidence during which, prompting his uncle to break his hand in an attempt to destroy said evidence (and also get the autistic child to leave him alone). After a quick trip to the hospital, he watched from the gallery until the courtroom was nearly destroyed by Hazama, saving his father from certain doom by dragging him into a hidden tunnel created by his brother.

There was supposed involvement with the entire Edwort family and multiple families of sea creatures, but since that's all whale memes this is 99% likely to be non-canon.

MJ-1 Edit

A now grown Moyles first appears as prosecutor for an equally autistic case about a Shark who's a defense attorney. His father helps him with the investigation, where Moyles throws a minor tantrum over the investigators falling into the water and talking to the witnesses.

When the trial starts proper, Moyles shows up with his laptop and Mr Guffington. He's very eager to show off his [Lodic], and comes in strong, explaining contradictions. Uncharacteristically, Moyles is very vindictive, pretending to truthfag just to shit on the defense with a theory, and near the end doing the same exact thing in an attempt to get the defendant executed despite the impending Not Guilty verdict. Mid-way during the case, Moyles is joined by Prosecutor Justice, and asks "Did the whale send you?". This is the very first attempt at the "Whale Meme" that would continue for the entire chrono. Thanks to Prosecutor Justice, Moyles averts death due to the Bench Culpability act, and takes time to greet and speak with the defense after the trial is over.

MJ-2 Edit

Moyles -Your Case-

90% of Moyles screencaps are of this pose

Moyles shows up on the plane where the previous final boss, Hazama, was "murdered". He shows up during a witness discussion. Here he spergs out about the Super Shiny Sunkern and joins in for Holmes's joint reasoning before fucking off.

Once the trial begins Moyles shows up with an extra item, a strange train/worm hybrid he specifically named [Your Case], and threatens to set it loose on the defense after the trial. During the detective's testimony he figures out that the victim had never died in the first place. He sits on this information the entire trial until the detective himself actually learns of it, in which he gets mildly upset and finally spills the beans. Afterwards, he uses his knowledge of pokemon type reassignment surgery (or everyone else's lack thereof) to convince the judge to destroy evidence rather than murder everyone for a mistrial.

MJ-3 Edit

The player behind Moyles was responsible for this trainwreck, enough said

MJ-5 Edit

Moyles remains rather jaded and short tempered after the previous Hazama case. In a vain attempt to make one of his ""subtle"" plot lines work Moyles drops uselessly cryptic messages and "Secret evidence we can't look into" on the case, like a folder of state secrets. In the end he forced Jimmers to admit he was blackmailed by attempting to indict his brother Jimmy (using Jimmers himself as the basis for his lodic, ironically).

The Hazamapocalypse Edit

The Hazamapocalpyse took an especially hard toil on Moyles. His Autism greatly interfered with the proccess, forcing him to face backwards and even talk backwards without medication (which he coughs up instead of swallowing). His [Lodic] was even altered and took the form of a game of Monopoly. However, his spirit was not crushed, giving a decent (if Hazama-ized) effort during the trial.

The Second Autism Chrono Edit

Moyles is much more passive during the second Autism Chrono. Indeed, he's even two-dimensional during each case, only returning to his proper 3D form when the trial finale of the entire chrono. It could be implied that this is a low-power form he uses when not investigating.

Notable Assets Edit

Moyles possesses large collection of specialties, a very select few actually being useful for his job.

Items Edit

Moyles has a collection of gadgetry and devices to assist him in casing. For the purpose of brevity, only relevant items are being included in the wiki.

Laptop Edit

Moyle's work computer that he brings to the courtroom in every case. During a trial he will play train games while the defense cross examines his witnesses, sometimes asking his Cos for input. However, he also has the [Salt-o-Meter] program installed, a version of Mood Matrix designed to gauge how mad people get over online games.

Mr Guffington Edit

Moyles proudly displays Mr Guffington during trials, and carries him in his pocket to investigations in the event he has an opportunity to perform [Data Oracle].

For more information, see: Guffington Units

Skills Edit

Moyles, despite his tendency to be lazy, does have a set of skills that allow him to actually participate in a case and/or investigation, or perhaps allow him to coast further without actually paying attention to matters at hand.

Lodic Edit

Moyles is a user of an off-brand of logic named "Lodic". While the amount this has been forced dropped sharply after it's first introduction, it is still brought up time to time. Moyles eventually refined the skill as a way of mentally tracking important points during cases, imagining the facts lining up like a game of Reversi. Alternate time versions of Moyles would have similar skills, but the chosen board game would be different between points in time. It is still incredibly unclear how Lodic is any different from normal logic, and every attempt by Moyles to explain the difference ends with an analogy that suggests it's just shallow reasoning at best, and non-sequiturs that just so happen to be "correct" at worst.

Autism Edit

Secret Ingredient

Moyles reacting to a non-Holmes attempting to JR

Moyles somehow has managed to harness the power of his autism into a palpable force. Being able to screech loudly enough to disable would-be attackers and using it to sharpen his [Lodic]. However, the most powerful (and unreliable) ability is his ability to pick up upon and recall very small chunks of information. When utilized correctly, Moyles is able to turn a case around using otherwise overlooked trivia about key evidence. Normally, however, it just leads to bad forced memes and odd looks.

Collectable Monsters Edit

Moyle's least impressive and most pushed set of skills is that of his collectable monsters. Out of the actual cases, he's actually a world champion of everything...except pokemon battles. As Pokemon are the chief collectable monster franchise of the Chronoverse, this basically means absolutely nothing

[Your Case] Edit

Moyle's prized "Express Worm". Based off of a bonus creature from the Monster Rancher games, Moyle's most prized monster is basically a gigantic train. Between Autism Chronos 1 & 2 it grew considerably, going from just big enough to fit on the prosecution bench to almost "full size", which is implied to be big enough to walk inside of and use as a vehicle.

CallofDutymon Edit

Moyle's only known Digimon, which he lent to Susato during the Second Autism Chrono. CallofDutymon was kidnapped by De Killer after the battle, but Moyles gave exactly zero shits, stating "This is what happens when you escape your fucking hard drive" before ignoring his critter and looking for the gift shop of the big train.

Pokemon Moveset Edit

Early during the second Autism Chrono, Moyles is used as a pokemon to battle Holmes with. It is unknown of Moyles is secretly a pokemon himself, as it would explain why he refuses to partake in the capture and training of them. The moves seen are as follows:

  • Headbutt
  • Quick attack
  • Screech
  • Defense Curl
  • Brave Bird

The last one is especially concerning, as Moyles temporarily sprouted wings for the duration of the attack.