"But hey, that's just a theory... a Game Theory! Thanks for watching!" - MatPat's Catchphrase

Mathew "Patrick" Tojo, also known as MatPat, was an ace theorist who participated in multiple investigations, most famous for his work involved with the Freddy Fazbear mysteries. He also serves as a minor protagonist in the FNAF Chrono, as well as a minor antagonist in the Third Autism Chrono.

Summary Edit

Pre FNAF 2 Edit

It is unknown who MatPat was prior to his death, let alone when his death actually was. However, it is known that he had a corrupted heart, as he split into a heartless and nobody after he died. While his heartless stayed irrelevant until the early 2020's, his nobody became especially noteworthy. (Note: This page will focus on the Nobody version of him. Unless the heartless is directly referenced or mentioned, you can assume that it's about the nobody.)

MatPat was heavily involved in the Yakuza of Japanifornia, so much so that he was even a captain of the Tojo Family. He was infamous for being able to get answers out of anyone and for being able to craft theories that were never wrong. He also became heavily popular on Youtube because of his theories, especially with little children. MatPat was so popular that he created a Youtube Red show, Mat's Theories of Logic and Wisdom, but it was very unpopular. He also became a member of the organization, a group of nobodies.

Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment Edit

MatPat's first major challenge came in the form of Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment. He had volunteered to solve the murder that had taken place at the previous establishment, as well as locate a missing animatronic, but was interrupted by the arrival of Fine Bros and Pewdiepie. Before they could properly confront, the restaurant locked down, trapping the trio inside. He managed to survive the night with Fine Bros, while Pewdiepie hid in an empty animatronic suit the entire time.

This experience allowed him to soften up to Fine Bros. However, after Fine Bros manages to break MatPat's theory, he momentarily attempts to commit seppeku, rather than accepting defeat. He is talked out of it by Fine Bros, and they continue their investigation. After talking with a few more witnesses, they are trapped inside for another night, this time with Phoenix Wright, a legal consultant. Things go well at first, but when MatPat is grabbed and taken to the bathroom, it is revealed that the animatronics are trying to rape them, rather than killing them. MatPat decides to use this to his advantage, [Flirt]ing with two of the robots to convince them to stop attacking Fine Bros, and instead invites them to "play" with him instead. When the restaurant opens, one of the kids takes a picture of him with Toy Bonnie, however MatPat shrugs it off saying he never cared about his reputation anyways (Ironically, his death ends up being a direct result of the destruction of his reputation).

Matpat, Fine Bros, and Pewdiepie eventually meet up with Foxy, one of the more friendlier animatronics. After listening to his testimony, Fine Bros points out several contradictions casting heavy suspicion upon Foxy. When Fine Bros moves to indict Foxy for the murder, MatPat is hesitant, while Pewdiepie flat-out doesn't believe it. However, when Fine Bros says that Foxy was taking orders from the Owner of the Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment, a fight breaks out between the two. Fine Bros manages to cripple Foxy with his own attack, but when curfew strikes, Pewdiepie ditches the two to run deeper into the restaurant. However, Foxy, using the last of his strength, guides the two out of Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment, all while MatPat leaves a trail of oil behind them. MatPat then hands Fine Bros a cigarette, which he lights and drops into the oil trail, setting the old restaurant ablaze. MatPat then drives Fine Bros back to his house, leaving behind Foxy, Pewdiepie, and the murder.

Fazbear Entertainment Edit

A few years later, MatPat was investigating another location of the Fazbear chain: Fazbear Entertainment. The Restaurant had been the site of an incident that cause a child's head to be bitten in by one of the animatronics. 5 children had also dissapeared on the premises. Little did he know, the owner of the Fazbear fanchise himself, William Afton, was conducting an investigation. MatPat almost instantly accused him of being responsible due to his heavy involvement in the previous murder. However, interestingly enough, Afton manages to prove that he may not be responsible for this murder. Pewdiepie is also investigating with him, meaning he somehow got alive of the buring restaurant.

Before they can conduct any more investigations, Night shift begins, trapping them all inside. They manage to all survive until 3 AM, where this Foxy asks if he can join the group. They interviewed him and found out that he was actually a soul trapped inside a robotic suit. Matpat also managed to get a good friendship with Foxy, and the two of them became friends.

After surviving the first night, MatPat assists Afton in the investigation. He is also present during the interviews of Markiplier, a witness, and Hazama, the detective. After the interviews, the group finds a security tape but it is snatched by MatPat, demanding that they listen to a new theory before he gives it to them. Afton reluctantly agrees on the condition that if it's another bad theory, MatPat can never give a theory again. Unfortunetly for MatPat, his newest theory is so bad, Afton stops him before he can even finish, resulting in MatPat giving up the tape and promising he will no longer make any theories.

The tape reveals that a mysterious figure had beat Foxy over the head with a wrench, sabotaging him, and leaving saying that "someone has to die". After that, the group finds a fake mustache, and MatPat deduces that Markiplier is the mysterious figure in the video, due to his tendancy of wearing fake mustaches. The other investigators actually agree (despite the fact that it is technically a theory). Before they can locate him, however, the restaurant locks down again, and they all head to the office. After some chaos involving Freddy kidnapping Pewdiepie and Afton finding a Golden Freddy suit, he brings the suit back to the office. MatPat inquires whether the suit will come back to life, and despite Afton saying it is empty, it comes back anyways. MatPat beats it with his X-Box.

At this point, Afton suggests to burn down Fazbear Entertainment, a suggestion which MatPat wholeheartedly agreed with, but suggesting they bring Foxy too. The others agree, and they attempt to escape after lighting the generator on fire, releasing the lockdown. As they run for the exit, Markiplier, who remained in the building, attempts to kill them. He manages to get a hold of MatPat, and mercilessly beats him down, but Foxy comes to his aid. MatPat manages to save Afton from getting killed by Chika's Cupcake by shouting theories at it. They managed to all escape as the restaurant collapses on top of Markiplier as he yell that he did it all for the subs. As they watch, MatPat remarks that he'll be quit Youtube. A few hours later, he asks Afton what he'll be doing after Fazbear's Entertainment, and Afton says that he plans on opening a new restaurant with androids rather than Animatronics.

MatPat's Heartless's Schenanigans Edit

MatPat's heartless assumed the identy of the real MatPat, and masqureded as him until taking up the investigation into the murder of Lady Tremaine. When he decided to confront two other investigators, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Sherlock Holmes, instead rather than listening to his theory, the two [ditch]ed him to investigate the crime scene itself. Even after "MatPat" follows them to the crime scene itself, neither Ryūnosuke nor Holmes listen to him. He is forced resort to previous tactics in order to get their attention, stealing any evidence they find and refusing to give it to them unless they finally listen to his theory. They manage to break his theory, but that's not enough for Ryūnosuke, who has become furious at "MatPat" because of his horrible theory. He punches the heartless three times, before attempting to finish him off, but, blinded by anger, misses and hits the detective, Dick Gumshoe, instead. "MatPat" leaves, completely ignoring Ryūnosuke's hateful comments directed at him.

He later returns to try and give another theory proving Cinderella's guilt, only to re-enrage Ryu, who completely obliterates the false MatPat's theory, but unlike all the previous times, his subscribers had enough. His fan base shrinks less and less and eventually crashes down to negative fifteen billion. Newspaper articles aslo start to appear stating that he's said the N-Word. This completely breaks the Heartless, and it spontaneously combusts, killing him.

Creeping Insanity Edit

Matpat was originally a member of the organization, but left due to the PTSD he suffered from the events of the FNAF chrono and went to the pridelands. There he posed as a ninja monkey who worked similar to the way a police officer would. When the king and his brother were supposedly supposedly murdered by Simba, the prince. MatPat was responsible for the arrest himself and defended his reasoning when he was confronted by Sherlock Holmes and Adachi, who had begun to investigate the murder. After his initial reasoning is cracked, he removes his disguise to reveal his true form as MatPat. After the investigators, now joined by Ryu, crack his second theory, he decides that more investigation is required. MatPat then throws down a smoke bomb and disappears.

MatPat next appeared towards the end of the investigation, mostly getting in the way as the investigators attempt to find evidence. After finding a red tie, the investigators decide to talk with the nobody. It had gone somewhat insane since they last met, as it had chained up a member of the Space Police, claiming that they were a third party. The theory behind it was so horrendous that it sent Ryu and Holmes into a minor state of depression for a short period of time. It was so horrible, that the investigators decided to make [DKM] (Definitely Killing Myself] it's own gimmick, just for "MatPat". DIO himself has to slap the sense into Ryu and Holmes in order for them to gain their senses. The Nobody then reveals that they could've just skipped his theory, causing all the investigators to sigh in relief. The investigators decide to press on anyways to prove that the policeman is innocent. They quickly object to the testimony and it's to something that "MatPat" didn't even say. Then the realize that DIO promised to kill him earlier. As DIO shows up, the Nobody tries to escape with another smoke bomb. He manages to start flying thanks to the wind, but DIO stops time. Dispite this, however, "MatPat" gets a nat 20 and escapes even through the stopped time. He manages to successfully escape yet again.

After meeting up with 2 members of the organization, the investigators learned of his insanity, but also that his power is growing. One of them, Ranmaru, asks the investigators to bring MatPat back to them alive if they ever find him again.

Personalities and Relationships Edit

"Are you ready for my thick, long, WET, T H E O R Y!?!?!?!?!?" - MatPat

MatPat was very proud of his theory-crafting skills, despite the criticism he's received for almost every one. He is so proud of his theories that when one of his theories is proven wrong, he attempts to commit seppeku, but is stopped by Fine Bros. Even after this, he remains confident in his theories, always perceiving them as fact.

While he is constantly ridiculed for his horrible theories, MatPat is surprisingly intelligent in all other aspects of logic. Before becoming a full-time theorist, he was a captain of the Tojo Family of the Yakuza who was highly feared due to his ability to gain information through a variety of ways. He was also instrumental in solving the mystery of the Bite of '87, when he successfully figured out the true culprit.

MatPat also typically changes his mind a lot. On of the first instances of this happening is when he is convinced out of seppeku almost instantly. This can also be seen when he vows to quit Youtube, but continues his work on the site anyways.

Matpat is also rather charismatic, as he manages to flirt his way out of death multiple times. He was also the only person to succesfully befriend Foxy in Fazbear's Entertainment.

Due to the events of the FNAF Chrono, he has gone slowly insane, resulting in more ludicrous theories (even for MatPat), irrational behavior, and mild signs of autism.

Fine Bros Edit

Fine Bros was the first person to ever break one of MatPat's theories. While at first he saw Fine Bros as a threat, the two became friends after surviving two nights at Freddy Fazbear's entertainment. They both have saved each other on multiple occasions as well, solidifying their friendship even further.

Pewdiepie Edit

MatPat had a strong dislike of Pewdiepie at first. He saw Pewds as a coward who only knew how to run away or hide from his problems. He obtained this view from Pewdiepie's constant hiding in the empty suit, as well as his ditching of the group when the third night was about to begin. When they met again at Fazbear's Entertainment, their relationship was much more neutral. By the end, they were on much better terms, as Pewdiepie even told Afton to lay off when he thought that Afton was being to hard on MatPat. At the end of the case, the two even share a bite to eat with the other members of the investigation team.

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō Edit

MatPat's Heartless didn't care for Ryu, and vice versa. When the heartless was trying to give him a theory, instead of listening, Ryu [ditch]es him to go to the crime scene instead. Even when he has been cornered by MatPat's Shadow at the crime scene, Ryu chooses to completely ignore him until he forces him to listen by stealing the evidence found at the crime scene. After listening to the theory, Ryu becomes enraged at the heartless, beating and trying to kill him. This hate remains for the rest of the case, until Ryu ruins his reputation by exposing The Heartless's last theory.

Powers and Abilities Edit

While MatPat started out moderately strong, but his real strength comes in the form of his theories. While normally his theories have little to no effect in small doses, larger doses have can pain or even kill a target. His theories also seem to have a unique effect on Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, who becomes uncharacteristically enraged to the point where he physically beats MatPat and even tries to kill him.

Dispute the strength of his theories, he has also become much stronger after working the FNAF cases.