[Jimmy] is a mysterious slug that appears as evidence in a surprising number of cases, both in and out of the autism chrono. Usually added as a joke, [Jimmy] usually finds himself smeared with some sort of relevant evidence and at times becomes a key turning point at the later stages of a case. Or he's never mentioned again, it goes either way. He's pursued by a multitude of individuals, both looking to exploit or explore his multitude of strange abilities or at times more personal reasons.

Origin Edit

[Jimmy] first appears as evidence in the case prequel case to the first autism chrono, only known as "Shark Case", as the pet of the defendant, Khaler Nomlin. He had brought his pet to school for a late night movie marathon with the pet owner's club, and his slug became confused for one of the pizzas they were eating.

[Jimmy] showed up again back home in Turnabout Bitten, as a minor footnote that was left unexplained and unexplored, as the existing pizza evidence was sufficient to make points with.

Autism Chrono part 2 Edit

[Jimmy] places a prominent role as a permanent piece of recurring evidence in the second autism chrono. At the end of the first case, Holmes encourages Susato and Moyles to create a time portal. Not knowing what to do, Moyles violently stuffs the slug into a pair of crocs, ripping open a time portal.

From then on, by combining him with various pairs of crocs, the investigators are allowed to travel through time at the end of every case. Moyles becomes increasingly desperate to catch [Jimmy] himself, to "return him home". Here he is also given a small collection of other abilities through investigation by various individuals.

Powers Edit

[Jimmy] has been shown to have a variety of special skills and abilities, despite being a random sea animal.

Disguise Edit

[Jimmy]'s chief talent is the ability to disguise himself as a piece of food. While the main selection seems to be a pizza, traveling through time has prompted [Jimmy] to take the shape of local cuisine when being a pizza would not make sense. However, this may not actually be an act of rational thought, but rather a side effect of time travelling. This ability seems to not be unique to the slug himself, but rather it is a species-wide trait.

Amphibious Edit

[Jimmy] can live on land just as well as he can at sea. In earlier [Jimmy] evidence entries, it's explained that this is due to genetic modification.

Time Travel Fuel Edit

The slime that is secreted by [Jimmy] is the fuel that the investigators in Autism Chrono 2 require to time travel. It is not known if the actual slime from [Jimmy]'s species is the fuel, or if it simply has certain components. Other characters are seen to be able to use croc-based time travel without the use of [Jimmy] or a similar slug.

Attraction to Murder Edit

[Jimmy] has the uncanny ability to appear shortly before a murder, and will linger some time after the deed as been committed. While this is not unusual by itself (the entire chrono crew have this problem to varying degrees), [Jimmy] has shown up in various non-chrono cases to the point that he has become a sort of omen to Japanifornian detectives.

Getting around Edit

[Jimmy] seems to inexplicably show up in the strangest locations with no explanation of where he came from. Often times witnesses only barely notice him if at all. Even during a case, his movements can be strange, such as being able to quickly climb a table in the span of seconds, or evading hungry witnesses.