Hazama Honoka, also known as just Hazama or Yuki Terumi, is the main antagonist of the first original autism chrono. He was banished to jail by the courtroom and has never been found or have been mentioned ever again.

History Edit

Young Hazama Edit

During the events of LS-3, Hazama appeared again as the final boss, his first time meeting up with the gang was with flirting with Athena, Hazama rolled a natural 20 and got to have Athena has her girlfriend. He later was told to testify about the murder of the mob boss, they caught him and he was told to confess.


First time in court Edit

Hazama reappears in MJ-4 again as the final boss, he appears in the courtroom lobby eating deviled eggs. The trial starts and some time passes and he was called to the stand by Gregory Edwort who asks him to testify about the murder of Tyson, a few testimonies later and then he pulls out his own gimmick, [Logic Chronophantasma]. He gives some serious questions with humorous answers. After Gregory messed up a few times and finally got all of them right, Hazama confesses his crime stating that he killed Tyson. He then later summons a bunch of snake chains that gets them all into trouble and then abruptly leaves.

Meeting Susato Edit

During the events of MJ-1, Hazama comes across Susato and the gang, he accidentally bumps into Ryunosuke. They have a nice little chat before Hazama decides to go leave, he says he's sorry. During the trial, Hazama has to renter the courtroom, his surprise entrance and forced psyche locks shocked the defense, but not as shocking as his 43 line testimony he gives out, he then gets told to simplify it down to 8 lines. The defense then proves his testimony to be false and gives off a wild accusation. He goes onto to give a testimony that requires to be solved via mood matrix, then he got perceived into telling the truth about how he was involved. Holmes then busts in with the final piece of evidence proving him guilty once in for all. After the trial, Hazama decides to escape.

Faking His death Edit

After what happened in MJ-1, Hazama was found 'dead" inside a plane's bathroom. The police were told to give him a chase as he ran down the plane and entered the bathroom. According to Sissel's 4 minutes before death gimmick, he apparently died due to some sort of heart attack or mystery way. He then happens to leave the plane as Holmes pointed out.

Killing Watson Edit

Hazama reappears during MJ-3 leaving an audio tape for the detective. The tape states something about Iris Watson dying.

Appearing for a brief moment during court Edit

As the trial closes for MJ-5, Hazama comes back once in for all and then gets cucked by being arrested for murdering someone.

Hazamapocalypse Edit

Hazama escapes prison and by doing so, used his god like abilities to turn everyone else into Hazama, he then has to reappear in court due to Susato unzipping Kazuma's sword pulling him out. He then gets arrested for Killing Hazama and the rest is history.

Personality and Relationships Edit