A Guffington unit is a device seen throughout the Autism Chrono. Initially exclusive to the Edwort family, Susato gains a Guffington unit in the second Autism chrono that serves as an assistant and to perform gimmicks usually left to Moyles.

Basic Information Edit

The first Guffington unit was seen during as little more than a small, inconsequential piece of meme evidence during the first trial of The Autism Chrono. Placed upon Moyles's bench alongside his signature laptop. Guffington would not see any real use until later, where [Data Oracle] would be tried.

Guffington units are primarily hacking devices used in the field of law. They use advanced techniques to probe systems for information. These techniques are heavily guarded secrets, and to protect the secret of the technique from analysis the Guffington units are programmed to limit their searches to prevent reverse engineering.

Additionally, during the Second Autism Chrono, it was revealed that many Guffington units have or can be upgraded with further functions. Some of these are rather exotic, as Susato's Guffington was given a cloaking field function and an Evoker from the Persona series, on top of other functions.

Guffingtons primarily take the shape of a small draconic creature with a base color and a wing color on top of that, with anything else being extras added on to make the particular unit unique.

Known Guffington Units and their functions Edit

It is currently unknown exactly how many Guffington units exist in the chronoverse. While the Edworts have claimed there are only 3, this was ultimately proven false as there were at least 5 accounted for during the Second Autism Chrono. In addition, the team of the Third Autism Chrono inexplicably have their own Guffington unit, and it was recognized by Roric Meow when they attempted to use a gimmick with it. Thjs implies that they are more widespread than we were lead to believe.

All Guffingtons can perform the [Data Oracle] gimmick, allowing their user to have a limited numbers of queries into any computer system. More advanced systems will limit their responses further, due to the danger involved of reverse engineering. Moyles claims that Guffingtons are tamper proof, but his own father is an expert at adding functions, and he himself edited the software so he could add videogames to it.

Guffingtons are surprisingly possessive. Geggory Edwort does not give his to Susato as she already had one, and they would "fight to the death". Indeed, her own Guffington expressed displeasure after learning there was another one in the same room as him.

Mr Guffington Edit

Moyles's original Guffington. Originally it belonged to Brock von Edwort in addition to his own device, Ms. Guffington, but it was stolen by Moyles as revenge for breaking his hand. This is one of the only two Guffingtons to really perform a [Data Oracle] gimmick, due to how highly situational the gimmick actual is. This Guffington is not shown to have any extra capabilities aside from minor off comments suggesting Moyles uses some of the hard drive space to store video games to play on his laptop during trials. It is of a white color with pink wings, and does not talk aside to ask for commands and relay what information it has collected.

During the second Autism Chrono, certain times in history turned Mr Guffington into "Dr. Guffington", enabling a hidden second function, allowing [Ultrasonic Scanning]. It is currently unknown if this function has remained after returning to normal time.

"Mr" Guffington Edit

The Guffington given to Susato during the Second Autism Chrono. Tossed to her by Moyles while he was being used as an emergency replacement Pokemon. As the chrono went on, his appearance changed. By the end of it, he was green, and had a backpack and plush tooth added on. Why this happened is left unexplained. It was implied that this is a copy of Moyles's Guffington corrupted by time travel, however later it is actually revealed to be the one belonging to Sherluck "Holmes". This Guffington is very talkative unlike other units, and features a wide multitude of functions, including:

  • Temperature sensors (Sensitive enough to assist in [Mood Matrix] by body heat alone)
  • Time-Proof memory, although this might be from being on Susato's person during time travel, with the memory protection effects extending to him as such
  • Enhanced hacking capabilities, allowing him to do more than do searches in memory, however it is implied later this makes him terrible at [Data Oracle]
  • Actual Sentience, however it is lightly implied that all Guffingtons are sentient, they just don't talk.
  • An Evoker, Susato was able to defeat Future Susato by awakening her persona and using that in place of a Pokemon. It's hidden in his backpack.
  • A taser, Smoke bombs, and a short invisibility cloak, all added by Geggory Edwort as an upgrade.
  • Wireless capability, installed by Moyles. Guffington claims he can hack smart guns with it.

Ms Guffington Edit

The Guffington of Brock von Edwort. It is brown with red wings. It does not seem to have any issue with the original Mr Guffington, and their naming scheme implies they were specifically meant to be used as a pair.

Overlord Guffington Edit

The Guffington of Geggory Edwort. Susato's Guffington states that it is a prototype after he pulls it out. Geggory also implies he has more than one. It has both weapon and stealth functionality, but was not elaborated upon.

"Guffington" Edit

Modeled after Pluto the dog, it is the only Guffington spotted during the Third Autism chrono. Inexplicably, it has the ability to remotely hack people's brains instead of computers.