Pre Keyblades and Conspiracies Edit

Not much is known about Goro Majima before the third autism chrono, but there are a few things that have been confirmed by Goro himself. Sometime before the chrono, Goro Majima became a Japanese Yakuza, a mafia of sorts. During his time as a Yakuza, he aquired a Cabaret called "The Grand", which he managed. He also took control of a cabaret club called "Club Sunshine". These cabarets made him famous throughout japan, and he used his manager position as a cover in many cases. Sometime after this, he met Kazuma Kiryu, another yakuza, and they became the best of friends (after how much time, nobody knows). Eventually, the pair got into a fight, which caused Kazuma to flee. Soon after, Goro began his hunt for Kiryu. While expanding his business ventures and searching for Kiryu, he found evidence that Kiryu was somehow in an alternate dimension, notably the Hunchback of Notre Dam dimension. Shortly after, he bribed some people to transport him in secret to the dimension.