"If there are two things that Jews hate in this world, it's Nazis… ... and half-assed sales pitches!" - Fine Bros 

Fine Bros is a hive mind consisting of 2 Jews: Fine and Bros. He was hired by the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment as the night shift security guard. Fine Bros were also hired to investigate the murder that took place at the original establishment. 

Pre FNAF 2

Some time ago, Fine Bros gained popularity on Youtube, enough for them to get their own Youtube Red show. While it flopped spectacularly, it still somehow managed to earn a profit.


The First Day

After finding an ad in the newspaper offering 100.05 shekels (only worth one Japanifornian dollar) for a night security position at Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment lasting one week. After meeting with Aura Blackquill, a detective, Fine Bros was informed about an unsolved murder that took place at the original location, and a possible reward for solving it. Intrigued, he accepted and dedicated his free time to solving it with the help of Pewdiepie. However, before departing, Aura told them that the animatronics of the restaurant come to life at night, and try and kill anyone inside.

He quickly encountered Matpat, a theorist who quickly considered Fine Bros a rival of sorts. However, before they could properly confront, the restaurant was locked down, due to an automatic procedure that happens at curfew. The three investigators decided to team up for the night, and after a long fight for survival, had grown a new respect for each other by the end.

The Second Day

In the morning, Fine Bros confronted the supposed suspect, Yūjin Mikotoba, who revealed that he deeply cared for the victim, whose name was revealed to be Charlie, almost like a daughter. After getting his side of the story, Fine Bros had a short debate with Matpat due to his suspicion of Yūjin being the murderer. After he managed to convince Matpat otherwise, they talked to Aura again, who had discovered a secret room within the orignial restaurant. Inside was an empty Spring Bonnie suit, a crowbar, and a knife with the victim's blood found on it. The room was also closed off to animatronics.

Later in the day, Fine Bros, Pewdiepie, and Matpat questioned Phoenix Wright, an ex-lawyer, about what he knew about the murder. Unfortunately, he didn't know much, and to make matters worse, curfew yet again trapped them inside with the killer robots. Before the robots turned killer, one of the nicer animatronics, Foxy, offered to give them some information, but was ignored due to the situation the group was in. They made their way to the office where they were quickly overwhelmed by the robotic animals. One tried to carry Matpat to the bathroom, causing Fine Bros to realize that the animatronics weren't trying to kill them... they were trying to rape them.


After barely surviving with their buttholes intact, the group of investigators decided to interview The Puppet, but Wright leaves to check on his daughter. While they didn't get much out of The Puppet, they learned that he felt somewhat responsible for the murder. The trio finally interview Foxy. At first he seems somewhat innocent, but after Fine Bros points out a contradiction in his testimony, things start to get much more tense. After eventually pointing out several grave flaws in Foxy's testimony, Fine Bro's charges him with the murder. Fine Bros then goes on to reveal that while not only Foxy was involved, but the owner as well, seeing as the murder weapon was found in an area only non-animatronics could access. He then correctly deduces that Foxy murdered the child under orders from the Owner.

This results in a fight between Fine Bros and Foxy. At first, it seems to be in Fine Bro's favor, but when Foxy throws him in with a penny, he nearly cripples Fine Bros with a kick that sends them flying into the ceiling. However, this causes Fine Bros to unleash his special attack: Trademarking "Foxy". This highly disturbs Foxy to the point where he tries to force Fine Bros into listening to his ultimate attack. However, Fine Bros manages to trip Foxy, causing him to listen to his own shitty music, nearly mortally wounding him.

As curfew strikes, leaving the remaining investigators for a final night of rape, Pewdiepie runs deeper into the restaurant, but Foxy apologies for the murder. Fine Bros forgives him, and Foxy escorts them out by ripping open the door. After Fine Bros promises to track down the owner, they salute each other, and burn Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment to the ground, with Foxy (and most likely Pewdiepie) still inside. He is last seen driving home with Matpat, saying that he's got unfinished business to take care of.

Personality and Relationships Edit

Being a Jew, Fine Bros is inherently greedy. This is his biggest flaw, as even during the middle of a fight, he jumped for a single penny. He makes almost constant references to his love for money, and gives multiple examples on how the Jewish love for money has shaped him both mentally and physically. His most infamous method of showing his love is by trademarking. He has trademarked many words, such as "React", "Wew", "Foxy", and "Arr". Fine Bros has even claimed that he is the manifestation of greed itself. He was also proud of his Jewish heritage in general, boasting whenever he gets to show off his Jewish abilities.


Fine Bros bragging about his Jewish speed

However, he also has a somewhat noble side, vowing to Foxy to take down the owner, even though he will not get paid anything by doing do. He also forms a mild friendship with MatPat over the course the case, which also results in him picking up smoking.

Pewdiepie Edit

Pewdiepie started out as one of Fine Bros's greatest friends, mostly because his autism rendered him ineffective against the hive mind. However, their relationship deteriorated when Pewdiepie hid for both nights in the office inside an empty animatronic suit, leaving MatPat and Fine Bros to do all the work. By the end, their relationship deteriorated so much that Fine Bro's set Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment on fire, despite knowing that Pewdiepie was most likely still inside. This led to Pewdiepie's distaste for Jews saying he would never trust one again.

MatPat Edit

MatPat's relationship with Fine Bro's was essentially the opposite than Fine Bro's relationship with Pewdiepie. They started off with little respect for each other, shown when Fine Bros chose to [Ditch] MatPat, rather than listen to his theory. However, after surviving the first night, they became friends, and Fine Bros actually ended up listening to his theory. Their relationship has grown even more on the second night, when MatPat saved Fine Bros from getting raped by Toy Chica. By the end, MatPat had taken Pewdiepie's place as Fine Bro's greatest friend.

Foxy Edit


Fine Bros upon seeing Foxy for one of the first times

Fine bros also thought very lowly of Foxy at first, referring to him as "that little bitch". However, Foxy soon became an ally of the group, helping them when dealing with some of the other animatronics. Fine Bros starts to respect Foxy, even after his betrayal. Fine Bros' last words to Foxy are promising him that he'll bring the owner to justice. The last thing he does to Foxy is salute him as the pizzeria burns to the ground.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Fine Bros is one of the most powerful, non-animatronic, characters in the FNAF chrono. Due to him essentially being two people, this allows him to be more evasive, and can help get him out of tough situations. His Jewish heritage has also given him multiple gifts such as his super speed, which gives him natural twenties when running, and his Perceive, which allows him to detect when people are lying with his Jew eyes.