"Even if you do achieve heaven... my power has grown too much. My plans have been in motion for more than 100 years!" - DIO Over Heaven

Dionysus Brandovloski, also known as DIO, Dio Brando, and DIO Over Heaven, was a god-like being who was so powerful, he could alter reality itself with the power of his stand,「The World Over Heaven」. He was the main antagonist and final boss of the JoJo Chrono. DIO Over Heaven was killed by Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, Sherlock Holmes, DIO from another universe, and Diane Brando from another universe at the end of Turnabout Over Heaven.

Summary Edit

Pre-JoJo Chrono Edit

DIO was originally from a completely separate timeline where he managed to successfully eliminate all the Joestars during an alternate version of Turnabout Crusaders. After which, he decided to completely devote himself to achieve Heaven, contrary to yet another version of him who settled down to focus on building his family.

After conquering the known universe with his overpowered stand abilities, he set his sights on other universes, intending on conquering the entire multiverse.

The JoJo Chrono Edit

DIO Over Heaven's influence extends as far back as Phantom Turnabout, the chronological first case of the chronoverse. Not only did he have this Dio Brando murder his father beforehand, but he also gifted him his stand, The World, a hundred years before he would have received it otherwise. While things still went similarly as it did in the original timeline, resulting in getting Dio Brando trapped, DIO Over Heaven, was still determined to end the Joestar Lineage.

His next attempt involved releasing Kars, the leader of the Pillar Men, without any need for blood. However, this too lead to failure, as Kars was yet again sent flying into space. While Kars had been initially defeated, DIO still had plans for him.

DIO Over Heaven's decided to help the Dio of this universe once more after his reawakening. He advised Dio to kill Muhamad Avdol, and pin the blame on Jotaro Kujo, a Joestar descendant. While Dio killed Avdol, DIO Over Heaven planted a note onto Jotaro, which read that if he killed Avdol, than the curse upon his mother would be lifted. While the plan initially worked, it was foiled when Jotaro managed to convince the rest of his party that he was innocent, and that it was most likely Dio who was responsible. Dio was later killed by Jotaro himself later into the night, but not after murdering more than half of the party, including Joseph Joestar, Noriaki Kakyoin, and Hol Horse. Even though Dio had been killed, DIO Over Heaven's influence had not been in vain, as Dio had four children before dying: Diego Brando, Diane Brando, Hershel Brando, and Larry Brando.

As DIO Over Heaven had already created a universe in the Brando's favor, his influence wasn't seen again until some time before the Steel Turnabout Run, when Kars returned to Earth, pushed there by DIO Over Heaven. Because of the push, Kars also happened to land very close to Diego Brando, and the two became very close friends.

Turnabout Over Heaven Edit


DIO Over Heaven during Turnabout of Heaven

Despite all of DIO Over Heaven's changes, the Joestar lineage had managed to remain stable for close to two-hundred years. This made DIO furious, and finally decided that he would take care of the surviving Joestars himself. He started to channel all of his energy in Cairo, which caused many fractures in space-time. This caused people, all who had supposedly been killed, to appear throughout all of Cairo. These were actually people from separate timelines who had been pulled into the chronoverse by DIO's building power.This attracted the attention of Diego Brando. After discovering DIO Over Heaven and his plot, he attempted to call the Joestars, who he had befriended over the course of Steel Ball Turnabout. DIO Over Heaven found this out, and killed Diego for his betrayal, but not before one of Diego's letters reached Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, a friend of Diego who worked for the Speedwagon Foundation.

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and his investigation team (Sherlock Holmes, Diane Brando from another universe, DIO from another universe, and Nahyuta Zeppeli) eventually caught up to DIO Over Heaven, and interrogated him about the death of Diego. At first, he feigned ignorance with a false testimony, but it was shattered by Ryūnosuke. At this point, DIO decided that he had waited long enough to kill the Joestars himself, and unleashed his full power against the group. Over the course of the battle, he managed to pummel Ryu, failed to erase Diane, and got into a time-stopped battle with alternate DIO. Unfortunately for DIO Over Heaven, while Alternate DIO kept him occupied, the investigators created a prism, and Ryu using every ounce of power in his body, released all his energy into it, incinerating DIO Over Heaven with a laser produced from said prism. Before finally dying, DIO heard the voice of the long-dead Jonathan Joestar: “Can’t you tell, Dio? Our fates are intertwined, but… At long last this is your end.” It was after hearing this sentence, that DIO Over Heaven finally died, finally ridding the multiverse of his plans of domination and power.

Personality and Relationships Edit

DIO Over Heaven was incredibly narcissistic, even for a Brando. While even the original DIO had comrades, DIO Over Heaven saw anyone but him as an obstacle in achieving Heaven or a mere pawn. This solidarity was how he managed to obtain Heaven, and therefore, achieve infinite power. This only enhanced his narcissism, as he now saw himself as God , and saw everyone else (even other versions of him) like ants.

His narcissism, however, was ultimately his downfall. He highly underestimated the Joestars, refusing to intervene personally until he could see that the Joestars would not be killed so easily. Even then, he saw himself as much better than the Joestars, up until his death.

Powers and Abilities Edit

DIO Over Heaven was one of the most powerful characters in the entire JoJo Chrono, if not the Chronoverse itself.


「The World Over Heaven」

The source of his power was his stand, 「The World Over Heaven」. The stand allowed him to manipulate reality through it's fists. This allowed him to not only change the timeline, but negate all attacks and potentially erase something from the universe. 「The World Over Heaven」also had the ability to infinitely stop time.